A list of my favorite quotes, gems of wisdom from this book,

these quotes are from the translators introduction.

“The mind is a diver, diving deep into the sea of the heart to find the pearls of wisdom. When he brings them to the shore of his being, they spill out as words from his lips, and with these he buys priceless devotions in Allah’s markets of worship”

“the women said, ‘how is it that you do not show any feeling for your own son who has been smitten with the sword of death?’ The  shaykh said, ‘O my sad companions, you cry because you feel seperated from your son whom you love. I am always with the one I love. You saw your son in the dream which this world is, and you have lost him in another dream. Allah says, “this world is but a dream.” It is a dream for the ones who are asleep. I am awake.”

“the lute player repented. He threw his lute down and broke it. The shaykh said, ‘if this is Allah’s reward for the sincerity of someone who took this life as a game, what shall be the reward of the servant of Allah who is true and sincere all of his life?”

“keep sincerity in your heart, for without it you will not advance towards your Lord even an inch.”

“for each man has his herd of a thousand pigs, a thousand idols in his heart, unless he drives them away by submission and repentance.”

“fear Allah and none other. Hope from Allah and entrust all your need to Him; hope and want nothing from anyone except Him. Rely on Allah and on none other. Unite with Him, unite with Him, unite with Him.”